Why Melbourne?

Apart from being one of the country’s largest cities, Melbourne is also the busiest port in Australia when it comes to the shipping and transportation of containers and other forms of general cargo.

This means that many businesses and residents of Melbourne and throughout the country that need international shipping containers will at some point have a need for a reputable shipping container service.

Quality in everything we do

Our containers are constructed using high-quality corten steel.

This corrosion resistant alloy is strong enough to stand up to our strict quality requirements, and can be used in a variety of applications beyond that of just shipping.

Whether you need a weather-proof container that’s able to easily withstand the challenges of international shipment, or a container that can serve as a wind break or even a mobile office, we’ll be able to find one that’s perfect for your requirements.

The Affordable Containers Difference

We don’t believe in giving our Melbourne-based clients anything but the highest possible levels of services and container quality

That’s why, when you visit our shipping container depot in Melbourne, you’ll be able to find the perfect container for your needs.

We don’t provide you with a container, and leave you to go about it on your own. If you require, we
can ship the container to your premises, where you can either choose to let our professional team pack it, or pack it yourself. Alternatively, you can always just bring your goods to one of our third-party shipping sites in Melbourne, where we can pack it for you.

Visit us

If you want to find out more about our shipping container services, or want more information on our types of containers, you are more than welcome to phone us on 1300 22 66 82 from anywhere in Australia or you can drop us an email at sales@affordablecontainers.com.au.

You are also welcome to visit our Melbourne shipping container depot, which is conveniently located at: Lot 102, Olympia Street, Tottenham Victoria 3012

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