Use or our shipping containers

While shipping containers are built to transport cargo crossing over water, they have a variety of uses on land as well, and you can buy or rent one for as long as you need it.

The only limit to how you use your shipping container is your imagination. If you need a vermin and theft resistant way to store or transport any item under the sun, a shipping container fits the bill. It’s impervious to weather and will protect its contents, come rain or shine, as it’s made from high corten steel. With many buildings in Moe having protected Heritage status, containers also provide an innovative way to increase storage space without expensive and time-consuming building and construction work.

Customise your own

Our usual shipping container offering includes standard sized 20 metre and 40-metre containers for storing either dry good or ones requiring refrigeration.

They can be operational or non-operational and can open from the tops, sides or both. As we’re experienced in working with shipping containers we can make modifications with ease, so your container perfectly meets your needs.

Shipping containers depot strategically placed in Gippsland

With Affordable Containers, you don’t have to worry about the logistics of transporting and packing your shipping container.

We’ll make sure it gets to you and is set up as expected. We can either ship it to your premises where you pack it yourself, or you can have our team pack it for you. We also facilitate the use of third-party shipping sites and will pack your container for you in this situation.

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