20/01/2020 - Containers

By Huska Cehic

Inside Info on Shipping Containers: 5 Fascinating Things You Might Not Know (Yet)

At face value, a shipping container isn’t the most mysterious thing you’ll ever come across. I mean, the name says it all. It’s an object that stores items that are transported by ship … but is that all there is to it? Of course not. The world is never black and white, and neither is this list of facts about shipping containers. We’re pretty confident you’ll be surprised by at least one of these, so enjoy!

Shipping Container Fact #1: They’re Not Used Exclusively for Shipping

You may have noticed that residential, commercial and office blocks built from shipping containers are popping up all around us. Property developers are making the most of these convenient, versatile units to build modern structures.

Shipping Container Fact #2: Building With Them is Friendly Towards the Environment

Not only are shipping containers all-rounders, but they are easy to re-use and recycle. This makes them the eco-friendly choice for storage and construction. They are also mostly transported on massive ships, which reduces the carbon footprint related to fuel used to move them around the world.

Shipping Container Fact #3: They Carry Almost All Cargo Transported Around the World

Global trade largely depends on shipping containers. It is estimated that they carry about 90% of the items traded between continents. Why? Well, the weather conditions at sea can get harsh. Shipping containers are durable. They can last for over three decades, so companies can get maximum use out of them.

Shipping Container Fact #4: Thousands Get Lost at Sea From Year to Year

The world’s oceans are rough to traverse. There are hectic storms, unpredictable elements and pirates to worry about. As a result, tens of thousands of shipping containers disappear at sea every year.

Shipping Container Fact #5: Less than 10% Get Physical Inspections at Customs Ports

With over 50 000 shipping containers making their way somewhere day in, day out, it’s merely impractical to expect customs officials to search through each one. Many of them are the same size as multiple storey buildings. X-ray is the main precaution used to screen them, but only a few get selected for physical inspections.

It’s clear that there’s more to the world of shipping containers than meets the eye. From innovative design in the construction industry to, well, global shipping, there’s a lot you can do with these large-scale storage units. Contact Affordable containers for top quality shipping containers in Melbourne.

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