21/03/2019 - Containers

By Huska Cehic

When’s It Better To Hire A 20ft Shipping Container Instead Of Buying One?

Looking to invest in a shipping container? It’s easy to buy one, and you can convert it into almost anything you desire, be it a swimming pool, mini office or retail outlet. It’s a great purchase to make, but what happens if you don’t need one for permanent use? In instances such as this, you can rent one. Here are a few cases when it might be better to hire a 20ft shipping container instead of buying one.

If You’re On A Budget

In Australia, you can hire a shipping container for as little as fifty dollars a month. Your rental fees are also tax deductible. Instead of spending up to thousands to buy a container, why not rent one for less than a brick and mortar rental would charge? You can save the money or use it in a way that will benefit you more than owning a 20ft shipping container.

If you don’t need it for long

If you buy a shipping container, you’re investing in a permanent structure which might only beusedon a short-term basis. It doesn’t make sense to buy something expensive which you won’t get a return on for many years – if ever. There are rental options for every need. For example,if you own a catering company, there are refrigerated containers available which you could use as a temporary cool room or walk-in fridge for a festival or event.

If your needs might change

Your container idea might encounter stumbling blocks, oryou also might need to put it on hold temporarily due to unforeseen circumstances. When hiring a shipping container, you can choose short, medium or long-term hire. You could decide on any design and use for it, and return it when donewith it.

If you might need to move

If you need a large space that’s easy to move to different locations, hiring is a better option. It’s large enough to use as a mobile office or home space, and easy to transport. A 20ft shipping container can be moved around on a semi-trailer, tilt tray, crane truck or a side tray and crane truck can lift the containerto where it needs to be if the location is n’t easily accessible.

Hiring a shipping container requires very little money,butthere’s no limit as to what you can do with it. If you’re interested in hiring a 20ft shipping container in Australia, Affordable Containers can assist you, so contact us today.


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