24/02/2020 - Containers

By Huska Cehic

Rent Or Buy A Shipping Container: Which Option Is The Best For You?

Shipping containers offer unique benefits. From serving their real purpose to which you purchased or rented it for. To being re-used for several other purposes, these containers are a quality solution! However, when you plan to invest in a shipping container, you need to figure out your domestic & business needs. Whether you are looking for a shipping container for a long period or just temporarily, we will help you decide what will be the best bet for you! Buy it or hire it? Which one is best for you? Well, here’s your answer:

Buy It

You may have different requirements pertaining to the condition, size, budget, and usage. Regardless, you can find some great options if you search for shipping container for sale Melbourne! Browse through a full range of containers that meet all top-quality standards. If you wish to convert a shipping container into almost anything you desire, it is best to buy one. It’s a great purchase to make if you need it for permanent use, such as transforming it into a:

  • Swimming pool
  • Mini office
  • Retail outlet
  • Car or bike parking
  • Indoor gardens or nurseries
  • Durable storage solution


Shipping containers offer a variety of innovative functions and can be put to so many uses. Creative people are looking for alternate living solutions and have begun to utilise shipping containers to create homes. A shipping container may be what a new entrepreneur or a long-running business is looking for. And buying a high-quality container is the best bet in such cases!

Rent It

What if you need a shipping container for a specific time period? Sometimes, it is not always practical to purchase a shipping container. So, in instances like this, you can rent one! Here are few cases when it might be better that you go for shipping container for hire instead of buying one:

  • You’re on a budget & want to save money.
  • You need a temporary structure.
  • Want to return it when you have finished using it.


If you need a container for a shorter period, getting shipping containers on rent is the best bet! A shipping container on rent will suit your budget and serve the purpose well. You can also get long-term leasing options too when you need your 40 or 20ft shipping container for an extended period than initially planned. Affordable Containers is the shipping container expert that delivers solutions pertaining to your moving or sales-related needs. For your convenience, we also provide delivery to and collection from your location, which means you can look forward to a hassle-free experience that fits seamlessly in Australia.

Our shipping containers (new and used) have been constructed from corrosion-resistant Corten steel, which is chosen for its superior strength and durability. Our containers are the manufactured to withstand any conditions. We make sure they measure up against most conditions and handling requirements so that our customers can be benefited with the top-notch solutions for whatever application they might require a container for.

So, if you’re looking for shipping containers for sale Melbourne, we are here to help you out!


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