15/08/2019 - Containers

By Huska Cehic

What Can You Do With A 20ft Shipping Container? Turn It Into An Office Space!

With growing concerns about climate change and our carbon footprints, the three Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) have become relevant in a variety of ways. From the way we dispose of rubbish to the way we construct buildings, there are many creative ways to make a positive impact in this regard. If you’re a business owner who’s exploring their options for office space, a 20ft shipping container may be just what you need.
You’ve probably seen shipping container shops popping up all around you, but what if we told you that turning one into an office is just as viable? We explore what it takes to go from container to workstation.

Consider The Size Of The Shipping Container That You Will Need

Whether you’re running a fledgeling business or something more mid-level, the amount of space you require will depend on the number of employees and volume of work equipment you have. Search around until you find a container that’s neither too big nor too small for a comfortable fit

Plan The Layout Strategically To Ensure Optimal Use Of Space

Decide if you’ll be going for separated offices or an open-plan setup based on the numbers. Explore different layouts and settle for the one that accommodates everything and everyone in the best possible way for seamless daily activity.

Location, Location, Location: Where Will You Put Your New Office?

Various shipping containers meet different needs. Features include the inclusion of different door types, sides, ventilation, insulation, refrigeration, ramps, racks, lighting and numerous other factors. Choose the shipping container that best suits your requirements.

On-Site Inspection:

When you have a container, you’ll space to put it on. Figure out where you would like to be situated and work out how much it will cost you to buy or rent space for your mobile office.

Come Up With Interior & Exterior Design That Captures Your Brand

Just because it’s a shipping container, doesn’t mean it’s not an official place of business. Consider how you’ll go about furnishing, decorating and branding the space to reflect your business logo, colours and images. It’s your office, after all.

Safety & Security Measures That Will Protect Your Office Space

Approach security companies for quotes on an alarm system and cameras so that your property is safe at all times. This will give both you and your staff some peace of mind.

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