19/08/2019 - Containers

By Huska Cehic

If you’re a new entrepreneur or have a long-running business in need of a unique and sturdy storage solution, a shipping container may be just what you’re looking for.

Regardless of the nature of your business, shipping containers offer several unique benefits. Before you purchase the biggest or cheapest one available, you need to figure out what size shipping containers your Brisbane business needs. Affordable Containers has three high-quality shipping container options for you to choose from. Which one works for you?

Our 20’ General Purpose Shipping Container:

This compact container has a 2,33m width and 2,35m height; making it a versatile solution to smaller spaced requirements. It can be used in both residential and business instances, and because of its size, the whole structure can be used without taking to much space. Start-ups could purchase a shipping container to use as business premises or homeowners could add one to their property for personal storage.

Our 40’ General Purpose Shipping Container:

This general-purpose shipping container is slightly larger and offers a bigger cubic capacity and longer length. It comes in at 12m, making it broad and well-suited to any project, be it a temporary or a semi-permanent solution. This weather-proof container would make for a cost-effective ablution facility at a worksite. Alternately, it can be turned into an indoor garden and filled with tables and shelving to facilitate pot plants and climbers.

Our 40’ High Cube Shipping Container:

This is a good option for businesses requiring extra storage because of its extended height. With our largest cubic capacity, it can be used for packing equipment or storing stock and working machinery. Its internal height is 2,65m, which allows for packing right up to the roof level if need be. Because it’s a multi-purpose shipping container, it’s hard-wearing and perfect for tough environments such as construction sites.

Use this guide to choosing the ideal size container for your business to make the right decision. Remember that any heavy-duty storage solution needs careful consideration before purchase because you won’t be able to return it to your local hardware store.

All our containers have detailed specifications to ensure that you can make sure you’re getting one that meets your precise dimensions and requirements. Affordable Containers will be able to assist you with all your sale queries, so contact us today for a free quote or to address any concerns you have about shipping containers for sale in Brisbane.

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