31/08/2023 - Shipping Containers

By Huska Cehic

Why Use Shipping Containers for Storage? (8 Convincing Reasons)

Widely popular in the realms of maritime transportation, shipping containers have undergone a remarkable transformation over the past few years. These metal giants have now evolved into versatile storage spaces that challenge conventional notions of utility.

As a result, an increasing number of businesses and homeowners use repurposed containers to guard their belongings and treasures against external elements. This is how these steel behemoths are transcending their maritime origin, helping people meet their ever-growing storage needs.

Top reasons to use shipping containers for storage

Many store owners use shipping containers to store office goods and retail items. These containers can be just as valuable for other applications too, such as stowing away garden equipment, unused furniture and practically anything else associated with storage.

Let’s delve into the intriguing world of shipping containers and understand why using them for onsite storage is a viable idea. Below are a few convincing reasons:

#1 – Water and weather-proof

Built to survive extreme weather conditions at sea, shipping containers are water-resistant and can withstand harsh weather elements, including strong winds and heavy rainfall.

A shipping container will help you protect all goods stored inside against whatever external elements might be in effect. While searching for shipping containers for sale in Melbourne, choose something made of superior-grade cortex steel.

#2 – Highly durable

Shipping containers are sturdy structures that can last for years on your premises. On average, they have a lifespan of 40-50 years.

Even if that time has expired, the container will still have a 75% salvage value. All it requires is proper inspection of the paint, rust and seals.

#3 – Different sizes available

Regarding shipping containers, they offer quite a bit of flexibility for your needs. This is because they come in different sizes.

For example, you can choose 20-foot containers for smaller storage applications while 40-foot containers for larger applications. These containers will easily fit into most backyards and driveways.

#4 – Safe and secure

Since shipping containers are durable and sturdy, they are secure against any potential break-ins or breakdowns. They are usually heavy-duty 16 gauge steel, making it virtually impossible to break in.

Also, reusing shipping containers for storage is safe and even helps reduce your carbon footprint by recycling shipping containers.

#5 – Easy to transport

While you may only sometimes need to move your storage container from one place to another, shipping containers are easy to transport. They are portable so that you can take your container to several locations for storage.

Shipping containers can be dropped off at your storage site – before being collected and taken to a secure facility. This prevents you from having to transport the items and solves transportation issues that are common with storage.

#6 – Budget-friendly

Apart from their usability, shipping containers are affordable. As building materials are getting costlier and construction costs are skyrocketing, shipping containers for storage can help you save money.

Used containers are even more inexpensive. Also, installation costs are low, and you won’t need a foundation to set up a storage container.

#7 – Flexibility to expand the space

Unlike a basement or storeroom, shipping containers offer more flexibility for expanding your storage project. No reconstruction is required.

Just set up storage space in any configuration by simply stacking containers on each other or sideways. To have extra space right from the beginning, we recommend using 40-foot shipping containers.

#8 – Easy to customise and modify

You don’t have to dump your valuable items in them haphazardly when you buy or hire shipping containers. You can customise or modify them according to your unique needs and tastes. For instance, you can add insulation, side doors, racks or windows.

Also, reusing shipping containers for storage is safe and even helps reduce your carbon footprint by recycling shipping containers.

Shipping containers for sale in Melbourne

Whether you are a homeowner or a business, if you are searching for a shipping container for sale in Melbourne, we can help! Get access to various shipping containers that come in different sizes and configurations while being fully portable. Buy or hire shipping containers as per your unique storage needs.

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